(Natural) Original (#711) Ditty Bagg - MADE IN USA


The Original Nantucket Diddy Bagg #711
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  Designed on Nantucket Island, MA,  Made in Fryeburg, ME, USA

The Original Nantucket Diddy Bagg #711 is your Classic Canvas Tote, Classic Canvas Boat Bag, and Classic Rigger's (Sailor's) Bag in twenty ounce natural cotton canvas.  This Classic Canvas Tote carries itself with elegance as your travel bag, briefcase, knitting bagg, purse, or overnight bagg yet is a workhorse for carrying your carpentry tools, woodcarving tools, chef's knives, art supplies.  The thirty six pockets can be customized but releasing some of the stitching to get larger pockets for quilters, seamstresses, educators, beach goers, bonsai artists, and more.  Call Jane at 508-257-0097508-257-0097 to learn more about the bagg and get discounts on multiple baggs. 

• 20oz Natural Canvas with a 10" zipper
• 36 Pockets
• 16" high 12" wide 6" deep
• Item Number: 711
• (Colors) Natural and Black

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* Pocket edges turned and stitched for highest quality
* Extra snap tab to maintain zipper closure
* High quality brass grommets   
* Secret Pocket in Bag Bottom 
* Stands upright when filled 
* Designed for tools by a master carpenter.
* Converts to a Tote,Tool Roll or Backpack
* 36 pockets inside or out; unzip to reverse 
* Washable - lay flat to dry 
* Pockets can be enlarged by removing a few stitches
                    (See the FAQ Page)
* Great utility bag for everyone!