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All of our bags are made from high quality materials.  They are convertible bags that can be used with the pockets on the inside or the outside or even used as a backpack.  It’s unlike any bag you’ve ever seen or used and is best seen.  We’ve got a couple of videos that show you how our bags can be used.  Charlie, our founder, walks you through our original bag here.  In this video, Charlie’s son, Jed, does a walkthrough of the different ways that you can use our bag for your favorite activities like knitting, sailing, woodworking or just working around the house.  He also shows some of the different versions you can find.

Here are some of the different versions of our bag:


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This version is smaller and lighter than the original with 30 pockets.


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The #611 is a cropped version of the original #711 Nantucket Bagg design–having 30 pockets with a bold natural canvas, brass hardware, and canvas straps. It’s the perfect bag for groomers, model ship builders, and people who use instruments and smaller tools.

This is our original Diddy Bagg.  It’s made of canvas with 32 pockets.


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