Reviews of Our Products

“Last winter, at a local boat builders’ boatshow in Hyannis, I couldn’t resist picking up a new bag, one of the more clever conveyances I’ve ever seen. This is a Nantucket “Diddy Bagg“, The owner of the company was pretty enthusiastic and did a great demonstration of how the bag could be converted into nearly a dozen different configurations.”  Read the entire review here.

David Churbuck

-“When I saw the bags for the first time, I immediately thought that having a versatile bag like this would have huge advantages while traveling…”  Read the entire review here.

Yoav Liberman
Popular Woodworking

36-Pocket Nantucket Diddy Bagg: One of Our Favorite Tool Storage Solutions.  “We tried the canvas Bagg (there’s a black polyester version as well), and it’s become one of our favorite tool storage solutions. You can grab it from any angle and hurl it in the trunk without worrying about dumping the contents or puncturing the pockets. Everything feels indestructible, from the thick, poly rope to the rigid canvas. This is a well-conceived and beautifully crafted bag, easily worth its $60 price tag. And it delivers on its multipurpose claims, working just as well when used as an art supplies bag, a gardener’s bag or, honestly, any kind of bag. With this kind of innovation and painstaking attention to detail, we’ll not only forgive these bag makers their superfluous “g,” we’ll be watching closely for whatever Bagg they come up with next. ” Read the entire review here.

Erik Sofge
Popular Mechanics