The Original Convertible Tool Tote

This is the world's only fully reversible and convertible tool tote! Whether it's used as a knitting bag, carpenter's bag, or travel bag, it is really an any kind of tool bag!  These bags convert from a tote bag to a backpack, over the shoulder riggers bag, tool roll or tool rack, or zip it inside out to make a tool caddy!
These bags have 30-36 pockets, depending on style, which are different sizes to fit a variety of items and are made from heavy canvas or durable polyester.
  • Why Nantucket Bagg

    Nantucket Bagg is located on our namesake, Nantucket, MA and has been selling bags across the world for over 15 years. Nantucket Bagg takes pride in developing high quality products constructed by craftsmen. We have designed numerous canvas and leather bags, and will continue to develop bags and accessories, such as our brand new Baxter Road Belt Collection.

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  • Our Story

    My name is Charlie Cirigliano and I am the owner and designer of the Nantucket Bagg. I have over thirty years of experience as an art director and as a set designer and builder both in New York and Hollywood. I have done unique custom and finish work for individuals, celebrities, and businessmen all over the country.

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